Cleansing Milk 200ml

The light and creamy texture of this ultra‑high quality cleansing milk will delight you!  A very effective yet gentle cleanser which will never leave the skin feeling tight or dry – just clean and fresh.


 Removes make‑up and refreshes the skin without affecting pH balance

 Quick and easy to apply – great for people wanting a quick and easy skin care routine

 Can be used in the morning and at night for skin which is lightly made‑up

 Allows you to work with product on the skin – does not disappear into the skin

 Can be worked into a light creamy texture on the face

 Can also be used in conjunction with Mild Scrub for a gentle yet effective exfoliation

Recommended use

Apply to the eyelids, face and neck and massage gently for a few seconds. Rinse off, or use damp cotton wool to remove.

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