Karin Herzog

This unique and patented skincare range has achieved world wide acclaim and is favoured by Royalty, cosmetic surgeons, celebrities and anyone else who would like to see visible improvements in their skin.

Why is Karin Herzog so popular? To put it simply, these products give real results. The unique delivery system provided by the conversion of liquid to gas ensures the deep penetration and effectiveness of essential nutrients including oxygen, water, glucose and vitamins A and E. Thus the formulations actually treat the skin cells as they are made rather than just temporarily moisturising or drying out the surface layers. This makes this range truly suitable for all skin types.

Regular use of Karin Herzog products can lead to a rebalanced and healthier-looking skin, Most customers report benefits such as reduced dryness, less oiliness, fewer breakouts, controlled acne, faded hyper-pigmentation, reduced fine lines and a more even skin tone.

The experienced beauty therapists in our office are happy to help you select products that will suit your skin type and concerns - please email us at info@vitalskincare.com.au