Eyelift Kit Sample (delivery to Australia and NZ only) - 1 per person

The Eyelift Kit is a unique product that will reduce the appearance of lines bags and wrinkles under your eyes in just 2 minutes with the results lasting all day.  We are happy to send a free sample so you can see these amazing results for yourself, with just a very small delivery charge. (1 sample only per person.)
The results are truly amazing and really have to be seen to be believed.  This product is the result of years of research and offers many advantages over other products;
  • The unique gel formula is preservative free (no harmful parabens)
  • The gel is also enriched with collagen to nourish the skin whilst in place
  • The revolutionary single-dose packaging ensures each application is as fresh as the first – no drying out or wasting precious product
  • As each well is sealed, there is no chance of contamination from your finger or applicator
  • The Eyelift Kit sample contains 3 wells gel, spatula, and instructional booklet

Applying the Eyelift gel is so simple and the more obvious your problem area, the more noticeable the benefits will be – we have yet to apply this product to someone who didn't see fantastic improvements.


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