Dr Paul Herzog's Story

Dr Paul Herzog was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1911 where his Swiss family were Scandinavian Consulates. He left Bucharest in 1929 to study in Vienna and later moved to Stockholm to continue his career.

It was whilst working at the Nobel Institute in Stockhom that Dr Herzog collaborated with Professor Clarence Crafoord in developing a groundbreaking respiratory device.  The respirator was produced as a result of the struggle against polio and became increasingly popular with surgeons and aneasthetists, helping to save thousands of lives around the world.

Dr Herzog was awarded Dr Honoris Causa by the Nobel Institute and after 30 years decided to move to Switzerland for his retirement.  However his interest in medicine and invention never left him and he established a small research laboratory. His aim was to achieve the stabilisation of oxygen in an emulsion for use in medical fields. After 2 years painstaking research he succeeded and his discovery was patented worldwide.

Dr Herzog's wife Karin was herself a dermal therapist and tested the formulations on her own skin. Within days she noticed a more clear and luminous complexion and suggested to her husband that the creams would be wonderful for cosmetic use.

Research then started on the ageing process and Dr Herzog was the first to use the "Hoffman LaRoche pO2 Analyser" to measure the oxygen pressure in the skin at different ages.  He discovered that the amount of oxygen under the face decreased significantly with age from around 14 years onward. After more painstaking research Dr Herzog patented a new and exciting invention - the stabilisation of oxygen and vitamin A in an emulsion.

Sadly in February 1992, Dr Paul Herzog died suddenly while he was working. The Karin Herzog range is still manufactured by Dr Herzog's family in Switzerland.