Eyelift Kit FAQs

What is The Eyelift Kit?

The Eyelift Kit in an under eye enhancer that contains all you need to temporarily erase the appearance of lines, wrinkles and bags.  The unique gel is packaged in individual wells and the formula creates an invisible veil over the skin effectively masking any imperfections for up to 10 hours. The Eyelift Mini is a starter Kit with 15 wells of gel and the full Eyelift Kit has 75 wells and also contains a mirror, spatula, information sheet.

At Vital Skin Care we have over 20 years experience in selling under eye enhancers and we firmly believe The Eyelift Kit offers the best overall value and visible results for our customers.

How does this product work?

Once the gel is applied, the water content evaporates leaving behind the other ingredients that form an invisible mask over the skin.  The mask does not penetrate the skin but sits over the top effectively hiding imperfections.

How is Eyelift applied?

The Eyelift Kit gel should be applied to clean skin with no make up or moisturiser underneath.   Using only a tiny amount of gel, apply in smooth strokes from the inner corner of the eye out towards the hairline.  Once in place, do not retouch, but allow to dry for 2 minutes without smiling or talking.  The skin will start to feel tight as the mask dries but this feeling will subside within 15 mins.  If the area looks white when it is dry, you have applied too much product – only a tiny amount gives the best result.

Please note that we no longer include a DVD as the instructions are available online here

Can make-up be applied over the top?

Once the product is completely dry, the firm feeling in the skin will decrease.  Once this has happened, a dry makeup (ideally a compact or powder) can be patted over the top.  Use a sponge rather than a finger for best results.  Remember that the Eyelift Kit gel is still on top of the skin even though it is invisible – touch the area as little as possible for best results.

How long will the results last?

When applied properly the results should last around 8-10 hours.  The gel can be easily removed and reapplied if required.

Can I use it everyday?

The Eyelift Kit is a cosmetic and should be used when you want to see the result, just like a lipstick for example.  This can be daily or occasionally, it’s up to you.

Can I use The Eyelift Kit on other areas of my face?

Yes absolutely!  This formula will help other trouble spots such as frown lines etc, however we cannot be sure that the results will last quite as long in areas such as around the mouth due to the extra movement of these parts of the face.

How long will an Eyelift Kit box last?

Each box contains 5 sheets of Eyelift kit gel – with 15 wells on each sheet. You can use the kit daily or occasionally and the product will be fresh for at least 12-24 months. Once a well is opened we recommend you using that amount of gel within 24 hours.

Are there any side effects from using The Eyelift Kit?

The formula is safe to use and should cause no irritations. However, the area around the eyes is very sensitive and we always recommend a patch test on a small area of skin before full use.

How should The Eyelift gel be removed?

Simply use your normal cleanser or just water to gently remove the product.

What happens if I am not happy with the Eyelift Kit?

We are so sure you will be delighted with the results of the Eyelift Kit, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.  Simply return the complete kit to us within this time and we will refund your purchase price (not including return postage.)

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