Theory and Research

For many years doctors and scientists had been trying to find a way of stabilising oxygen in an emulsion or cream - the aim was to use oxygen as a way to kill bacteria and avoid the dependence on harsh chemicals to kill the germs that also irritated the skin. 

After years of tireless and painstaking research, Dr Herzog  was successful in achieving this goal and the ramifications were exceptional.  Firstly, he'd managed to stabilise oxygen in an emulsion form, and secondly once it touched the skin, the enzyme catalase instantly converted the liquid to oxygen gas creating a massive increase in pressure.  This mechanical change in pressure literally pushes oxygen into the skin - a process thought to simulate some of the effects of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

As far as the benefits for the skin are concerned, this "explosion" in pressure effectively massages the outer layers of skin helping to unblock capillaries - like a great spring clean or detox.  At the same time, the cells are fed with the nutrients so vital for healthy skin production - oxygen, water, glucose and vitamins.

Dr Herzog was the first to use the "Hoffman LaRoche p02 Analyser" to determine the pressure of oxygen under the skin at different ages. He found that after our mid-teens oxygen pressure under the skin on the face decreased significantly compared to other areas of the body.  By the time we reach our mid-20's it can have deceased by up to 70%.

As we age and with the added negative impacts of stress, poor diet, smoking and pollutants the capillaries responsible for the transfer of oxygen and other nutrients become thicker and more brittle, therefore reducing their effectiveness.  This is where the Karin Herzog oxygen products become so beneficial.  The unique delivery of oxygen, water, glucose and vitamins feeds the cells as the capillaries used to do.  In addition, the extra surge in water helps to detox the cells by flushing away toxins into the lymphatic system.

This explains why Karin Herzog products are so suitable for all skin types - even the most sensitive or problematic. They are NOT surface moisturisers or astringents which only address the visible signs of a problem, but instead they are treatment creams that give the cells all they need to produce balanced, and healthy-looking skin.

The results of these products can be visible in a very short time, and with continued use many customers report that they need less and less surface moisturisers/astringents as the skin comes to the surface already more balanced and regular.

The fabulous benefits from using these products has lead to the range being featured in countless magazines, newspapers and TV shows as well as being awarded numerous beauty industry awards.  Have a look at some of our products and see the results for yourself.