Facial At Home Kit - Free Mask!

The prefect treat for your skin when the salons are closed!


Professional Cleansing Cream (50ml), Glyco Rose Gel (30ml), Essential Mask (50ml), Vitamin H (50ml)


This Kit offers a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the wonderful benefits of Karin Herzog salon facials in the comfort of your own home and at a great price!

Start by applying the Professional Cleansing Cream to melt away stale make-up and impurities from your skin, leaving it feeling clean and fresh, but never taut and dry.

Next, apply a film of the wonderful Gylco Rose Gel - this rose scented gel contains gentle glycolic acids which softly remove the dead and lifeless cells on the skin's surface. This gel is very effective yet gentle - your skin won't be red or irritated in any way.

Once the Gel has been removed with warm water, apply a layer of the Essential Mask to treat the cells deep down and deliver oxygen, water, glucose and vitamins just where they are needed. After relaxing for 20 mins, any remaining Mask can be massaged into the skin leaving it feeling so soft and highly nourished.

The final step is the application of Vitamin H moisturising cream to add suppleness and a protective lipid layer to the skin.

This is a wonderfully beneficial treat for anyone wanting to keep their skin in the best possible condition.

Free Essential Mask - Save $85!

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