Kate's Favourites - Mild Scrub, Professional Cleanser & Free Oxygen Face Cream

Feel like a Princess with these 3 products chosen by The Duchess of Cambridge to "keep her skin glowing" (Daily Mail)

This Kit is an excellent choice for younger clients who are less concerned about anti-ageing benefits but still want their skin to be radiating prefect health.  

The Professional Cleansing Cream gives an excellent deep clean to the skin whilst still respecting its delicate pH balance.  Skin never feels tight or dry after cleansing, just super clean and fresh.

The Mild Scrub uses perfect spheres of white marble to gently polish and exfoliate the skin without any harsh scratching. It is very effective at removing dead cells that can make the skin look dull and lifeless but is also mild enough to use 4 or 5 times a week.

Oxygen Face Cream is the deep treatment product in this Kit. Containing the patented Karin Herzog oxygen formula this product not only provides the skin with the nutrients it needs to be produced more regularly, but also kills pimple-causing bacteria on the skin.

Kate made excellent choices in these products as they really work well together to produce a more healthy and radiant looking complexion. Now is the prefect time to try them for yourself and save!  

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