Silk Touch Facial Cloth (pack of 3)

Try our fabulous facial cloths once and you'll be hooked!

When wet, this cloth is silky smooth on your skin and is perfect for use during cleansing. It has a spongy texture and feels so soft but is highly effective at removing grime and make-up without irritation.

Once rinsed and left to dry it will become firm again. This means it won't harbour bacteria that can grow in the wet fibers of traditional wash cloths, which makes it perfect for travelling too. When you're ready to reuse - just soften up with fresh warm water.

Totally reusable - the cloths can be just thrown in the wash with other whites.


For use during cleansing (particularly good when used with Karin Herzog Professional Cleansing Cream)

Great for sensitive skins

Perfect for cleaning around the eyes

Can be used for drying the skin too as it will absorb many times it weight in water - ideal travelling face cloth

Wonderful for cleaning a baby's delicate skin