The "I really need a total overhaul" Kit - LESS THAN HALF PRICE!

When you feel like you need to book in for a complete service, tune and respray!  This Kit will have you looking fabulous in no time;

The Karin Herzog Facial Spa Kit contains a brilliant cleansing and invigorating tool to help deeply cleanse, stimulate and massage the skin - 5 heads in one together with 2 super-popular Karin Herzog skin care products; Essential Mask and Professional Cleanser. A great start to your rejuvenation!

Next start our new skincare regimen with the celebrity favourites;  The Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 2%, Eye Cream and Vitamin H.  These 3 products are the tried and tested most popular products for re-balancing the skin deep down whilst also keeping the surface soft and supple - Great skin is on the way!

Eyelift Kit - Finish off your new look by taking years of your age with the amazing Eyelift Kit. In just 2 minutes under eye lines bags and wrinkles disappear with the results lasting all day!

Our Christmas Gift to you - Save over $300 if you're quick!